Thursday, April 5, 2012

How to Make Instagram X-PRO II Effect Using Photoshop

After mastering this tutorial you don’t need an iPhone to apply Instagram X Pro II effect to your image. The only thing you need is Photoshop software.

The following is the image used in this tutorial. It size is 1569 x 1569 pixels

There are three layers to obtain the effect. The layers are:

The steps to create each layer are explained below.

1. Vignette Level Layer.
1) Click Elliptical Marquee Tool.
2) Set the feather to 200 px.

3) Create a Circle Selection. Drag Elliptical Marque Tool from the top-left of the photo to the bottom-right while holding Shift.

4) Inverse the selection. Choose “Select>Inverse” from the menu, or use Shift+Ctrl+I shortcut.
5) Create a level adjustment layer. Choose “Layer>New Adjustment Layer>Levels…” from the menu.
6) Drag the grey slider to the right until the value equal to 0.5. Click OK after that

2. X Pro II Curve Layer
1) Create a curve adjustment layer. Choose “Layer>New Adjustment Layer>Curve…” from the menu.
2) Create several points in the red channel. Double click the new curve adjustment layer and change the channel to red.
Point 1. Input: 208, Output: 229
Point 2. Input: 39, Output: 18

3) Create several points in the green channel.
Point 1. Input: 208, Output: 229
Point 2. Input: 39, Output: 18
4) Create several points in the blue channel. Click OK after that.
Point 1. Input: 0, Output: 25
Point 2. Input: 255, Output: 230

3. Border Layer.
1) Create New Layer. Choose “Layer>New>Layer…” from the menu, or use Shift+Ctrl+N shortcut.
2) Select All. Choose “Select>All” from the menu, or use Ctrl+A shortcut.
3) Smooth the corner of the selection. Choose “Select>Modify>Smooth…” from the menu and set the sample radius to 20 pixels. For photo with larger pixels use a larger sample radius and vice versa.
4) Repeat step 3 two times.
5) Reduce the selection. Choose “Select>Transform Selection” from the menu or use Ctrl+T shortcut and set the W and H value to 93%.

6) Inverse the selection. Choose “Select>Inverse” from the menu, or use Shift+Ctrl+I shortcut.
7) Fill the selection with black. Choose “Edit>Fill>” from the menu, or use Shift+F5 shortcut and use black as the contents.

The final result is

Feel free to post your results in the comment


  1. Would you also put up tutorials for Earlybird and Sutro?

  2. Now I can see the difference. Instagram is really a great tool for editing pictures.

    Sincerely yours,
    Allen Carlos

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  4. how to make the border? i don't understand

  5. So, most of it worked out great - the only problem I had was when I needed to "smooth" near the end, Adobe Photoshop CC made me choose "Border" and give a border width under "Modify" before I could "Smooth." I wasn't sure if that was supposed to be 20 px as well - but the photo seemed to become too light after having to do this. Any suggestions?

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